Vinyl Release Weekend


This weekend we had the pleasure of releasing our new 10″ EP “In Between” at The Empty Glass with Reverend Hylton and then again in Columbus, Ohio, at The Shrunken Head. We love any time we get to spend with Rev, and this weekend was extra special for us being able to put out the product we made at the end of last summer in Nashville.

If you would like to order a copy of the vinyl-only EP “In Between” then head HERE and order one or catch us at an upcoming show.

Thanks to all for the support. See you on the road.

Mmm…festival season

Festival announcement season has begun, and we can’t wait for warm weather, hitting the road and playing some great shows.

This is the second year of the Deep Roots Mountain Revival in Masontown, W.Va., and they have built one heck of a lineup, which we are ecstatic about being a part of. Come see us, Tyler Childers and a whole mess of incredible national acts in July. 

Make sure to check back in for more summer announcements. 

So Much to Say

We hope everyone is surviving their 2017. It’s already been a busy year for us. We started the year by searching out a drummer to take place for Wood, and we were lucky enough to enlist the talents of Taylor Jones. It only took a couple practices for Taylor to fit right in with the rest of us, and we can’t wait to start playing shows again.


We’ve decided to take January and February off to work on writing and practicing with our new compadre and prepare for the releases and recording we have coming up. So, here’s what you can be looking forward to from us the in the coming weeks:

-New Music Video for “Sunday Drive” by the unbelievable folks at McComas Video Productions.
-Release of split 10″ with Atlanta troubadour Reverend Hylton (also to be released digitally)
-March 10 show at V Club with Cumberland and The Jenkins Twins
-March 11 show at The Boulevard Tavern in Charleston
-March 31 show at Melody’s in Beckley
-April 1 show at Greenbrier Valley Brewing Co. for anniversary party
-April 8 show at V Club for W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show Anniversary Party

This summer we will be headed into the studio again to lay down a full length album, which is a goal we are all very excited about and which we have already written lots of new material for.

See you guys out there.

Friends, it’s been too long…

We’ve had a fantastic summer! Shows, recording, writing, and so much more. If you’ve been there with us, thanks so much and we appreciate your support. If you’re just joining us, there’s a TON more coming up…

In late August, we made the drive to Davenport, Ia to record a Daytrotter session. It was such a fantastic time. The whole environment at Daytrotter studios is so conducive to recording a great product. From the time we arrived to the moment that we got to sit back and listen to what we had played, Ben and Mike could not have been more kind or more fun to hang with. See, it’s basically set up like a recording session…well, it is a recording session. It’s in a very pro-feeling studio with isolation rooms and the whole sh’bang. The main difference is that you’re recording directly to two tracks….left and right. There’s no overdubs, no “let’s do harmonies later”. You set up and play and sing your tunes live and that’s what the listener experiences. We’re extremely excited for everyone to hear what we came up with – especially since this session will be the debut recording of our new song, “Watch Your Speed”.

We also spent some time recording in Nashville this summer. Creative Workshop Studios. Heard of it? It’s literally feet from the famous “Blackbird Studios” and, undoubtedly, you’ve heard recordings that have come out of this small-ish space, which has set in it’s Berry Hill location since 1973. “The Gambler”? How about one of those tunes about Cheeseburgers or a Lost shaker of salt? Okay, maybe you like The Faces a little better? Yep, some of those tunes came out of this very building. We got together with our good friend and seasoned songwriter Reverend Justin Hylton to record some songs for a split 7″. Two of our’s and two of Reverend’s…with the ‘Traders backing Mr Hylton. We’re hoping to get this out for Black Friday Record Store day but it’s looking like it might be a little closer to Christmas.

Festival season has been good to us. The Huntington Music and Arts Festival, Kickin’ It On The Creek, Live On The Levee…all super wonderful experiences. Be sure to check out our SHOWS page to stay up-to-date with our schedule. Also,  don’t forget, we’re on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and pretty much anywhere you can buy or listen to music. Sharing is caring, folks! 😉