The Horse Traders were named both “Picks of the Week” and “Top 300 Songs of 2016” by Daytrotter. 

“It seems [The Horse Traders’] posture is already fine-tuned well enough to join the finest ranks of a genre usually abandoning its roots.”
James Cassar-Modern Vinyl

“The Horse Traders evoke the Americana sounds of artists like The Band, Son Volt, and Wilco while exploring their own blend of songwriting and sonic stylings. What the listener is treated with is a great collection of songs and live show.”
Tim Dorsey – Six Degrees of Separation

“The Horse Traders play a unique, supercharged version of Americana with vocal harmonies that stampede triumphantly along with the music, and lyrics that sonically photograph American life.”
Nathan Thomas – Music Director WMUL Radio

“Armed with cinematic songs and a laid-back natural feel, The Horse Traders come rambling out of the wilds of West Virginia capturing a soulful slice of Southern rock that shuffle, slide, and artfully groove in a new fertile frontier between Nashville, Memphis, and Muscle Shoals.”
Dave Lavender – The Herald Dispatch 

“Some of the finest fellas I know. In my honest opinion, the best damn band in the state of West Virginia.”
W.B. Walker  – W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show


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Products of the hills of West Virginia, The Horse Traders can be found on any given night trading songs, instruments, and verses as they play their hand-quilted brand of Southern Americana Rock & Roll.

The Horse Traders are hitting the road, armed with 2016 release“I Don’t Mind”, trading their songs for a memory of each town they come across along the way.

2017 looks to be a benchmark year for The Horse Traders with the release of a new split EP “In Between” with Reverend Hylton and the recording of a full length. Having played shows with artists such as Parker Milsap, Sundy Best, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and many others, Travis, Taylor, Patrick and Mooney are no strangers to the stage and are sure to bring a good time to each city they pass through.

The Horse Traders are:

Patrick Stanley – Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (Center Stage)
Travis Egnor – Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar, Vocals (Stage Left)
Brandon Mooney – Electric Bass Guitar, Vocals (Stage Right)
Taylor Jones – Drums, Vocals (Rear Stage)

For Live Use:

Vocals – 4 Mics (3 in front, 1 at the drummer) and boom stands.
Electric Guitars/Steel – One mic will be needed at each guitar amp (stages Left and Right). Travis runs his steel guitar and electric guitar through the same amp, so no additional mics are needed.
Acoustic Guitar – Patrick has a K&K preamp/DI on his pedalboard. He will need phantom power.
Bass Guitar – Mooney has a DI on his pedalboard – a SansAmp Bass Driver. No additional DI’s are necessary. If preferred, you may mic the bass cabinet with an appropriate mic.
Drums – Taylor uses a 4-piece Gretsch drum set. House kits are acceptable, however, for show convenience. It is preferred that it’s also a 4-piece drum set.

Adjustments can certainly be made if necessary.